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Our shows take place every other year and are the favourite part of our dancing calendar. We give every child the chance to star on a big stage in Surrey or Sussex!
It’s a brilliant way to build a child’s confidence, and develop their dancing ability. It’s also a LOT of fun!

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Well done to everyone who took part in our 2024 show


Planning usually starts in the office the September before our shows and our next show will be in early 2024. We start planning nice and early to ensure you all have plenty of notice and information regarding this to make an informed decision as to whether your child takes part. We invite all of our students to take part in the show and spend around a term working on our dances for this production within classes.

To ensure our dance teachers can start to choreograph and plan, we need to know who will, in each class be taking part. This is our first step with organising the event and is very important. We will send out forms for you to complete if you wish or do not wish for your child to take part.


It is a really exciting time for the dance school and the children always have a fabulous time. It is a wonderful experience for them. If, however you decide you do not want your child to take part in the show, this is not a problem. They will still work on the choreography alongside other exercises/routines in the class and will not be segregated from the others. There may be a time closer to the show when spacing becomes an issue but we will try our very best to make sure that no one feels left out. The emphasis on our shows is to have FUN and enjoy themselves!!!!

What the parents said about ‘FUSION’, our recent dance shows at The Hawth in February 2024.

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"Thank you for this amazing event!! I cried all the way through… you’ve done an excellent job on it and we can’t wait to see the video!!"
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With such a big production, there is unfortunately always a cost involved. The show fee cost will be confirmed closer to the time. This includes the show costume for one costume which you get to keep. Subsequent costumes will be charged at set rate for those who do more than one class. This will be invoiced during October half term so that we can start ordering costumes. We hope to have most costumes in and ready by the time we finish in December. We, therefore, have time to arrange any sizing issues or adjustments. We always try to keep costs to a minimum.

Times & Dates

Our technical and costume rehearsals always run on the day of the production. It can be quite a long day. We usually ask school-aged children to be with us from 10.15 am until approximately 5.15 pm. The children will need to bring sufficient drink and food to last them the full day.

For our younger children (preschoolers) we try to stagger arrival to ensure the least time in the theatre. I will add however that the children always have a fab time and we have had many little ones that have taken part in the past.


In order for our shows to run, we rely on our lovely parents to offer to help. Ideally, we need as many of you as possible chaperone trained with the council, and if you cannot do this then we really need DBS parents too. We love to have the parents with us for the whole day and we will ensure that you get to see your own child perform from the best seats in the house – THE WINGS  and 99% of the time we can ensure that you are in the same dressing room as well!

We will cover the cost of the training. Please let us know if you are able to do this. Please see links for the council regarding what is involved.

What the parents said about ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Good Vibes’, our recent dance shows at The Hawth in 2020 and 2022 respectively.

"It was amazing show today! Fantastic to see so many brilliant dancers. My daughter loved every second of her first show and didn't want the day to end"
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